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Service learning is part of our mission, and Tiger students and alumni live it. 每年,数百名学生在克里特岛、奥马哈和林肯做数千小时的志愿者.

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Relay for Life

Doane has been a top collegiate fundraiser for Relay for Life for nearly 20 years. 学生主导的活动为抗击癌症筹集捐款,并为受癌症影响的人提供支持.

Free tax return preparation

Through the IRS’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, 加拿大28计划会计专业的学生可以获得认证,免费帮助加拿大28计划和克里特岛社区准备纳税申报表.
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Crete High School Building

Doane/Crete Adapted P.E. Course

In this course, 加拿大28计划的学生与克里特岛公立学校有特殊需要的学生配对,教授基本的运动技能,并向他们的“红衣主教朋友”学习.”

Community News & Events

Junior MacKenzie Painter wears a white tshirt that reads "Doane Volleyball." She stands in front of the Lied Science and Mathematics Building.

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brass sculpture of tiger on doane campus
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September 1, 2023

Tiger Bites — August 2023

内布拉斯加州克里特岛复兴的伊希斯剧院大厅的建筑效果图. 古埃及女神伊希斯(Isis)的金色雕像在青铜装饰艺术销售柜台上方的醒目位置. 左边一面带有金色装饰艺术图案的蓝色墙壁上显示了捐赠者的名字,右边一面墙壁被漆成白色,上面也有同样的金色装饰艺术图案. 柜台后面墙壁两侧的门通往剧院和其他设施.
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March 31, 2023

Resurrecting Crete's historic movie theater

Firefighters watch a demonstration of breaking open a door outside of Burrage Hall.
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June 24, 2022

Local fire departments train in Quads

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March 22, 2022

Doane University Presents Seventh Annual Polk Lectureship

Spring Creek Prairie August 2021
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February 11, 2022

“The Flora of the Nebraska Tallgrass Prairie: Past and Present.” Public Exhibit

Doane Tiger background image

February 7, 2022

Masters degree helps Doane grad serve the Lincoln community

Four middle school girls work on creating paper models of shapes like pyramids, cubes and dodecahedrons with the help of Dr. Margaret Watts and Dr. Barbara Jennings Herzog, who teach math at Doane University, and Bailee Baack, a junior elementary and special education major. They are in one of the classrooms in Doane's Lied science building.

November 8, 2021

Making Math Matter to Middle School Girls

Dr. Margaret Watts, assistant professor of mathematics at Doane, 今年秋天,她创办了GEMS,教年轻女孩数学不仅仅是算术和几何. And that while it can be a challenge, it can be a fun challenge.

Artisan Mark owner Elayne Woods Jones stands behind the coffeeshop's counter. Behind her, a long, exposed brick wall extends to seating at the back of the shop, with warm lights overhead.

August 31, 2021

Artisan Mark hits the spot

Since 2019, Artisan Mark has provided the city of Crete with gourmet coffee and gluten-free eats, clothing and goods from local or women-owned businesses, and a perfect atmosphere to study, work or meet up with friends. The shop is owned by Elayne Woods Jones ‘13L.

Doane Relay for Life

August 3, 2021

Relay for Life

The Doane community takes steps toward beating cancer.

Dr. Cale Stolle presents scholarships to senior engineering students Ryan Lasauskas, left, and Kenny Kemp, right. They are standing in a classroom in the Lied Science and Mathematicsbuilding.

August 2, 2021

Engineering students partner with Edgerton Explorit

The Explorit Center collaborated with Joel TerMaat, assistant professor of engineering and physics at Doane University-Crete, 以及他大二的工程设计课,根据美国漫画家Rube Goldberg的作品创作创新的展示, whose endeavors spanned a large part of the 20th century. 科学与艺术的融合非常适合加拿大28计划与该中心的合作关系, he said, matching Doane’s philosophy.

Group of special needs students posing for the camera in Haddix.

February 22, 2021

Adapted PE course pairs Doane students with Crete students who have special needs

在新冠肺炎之前,周五是在哈迪克斯中心健身房跳排舞和滑板车滑行的日子. Friday was the day to practice catching with handkerchiefs and beach balls. And most of all, 周五是克里特岛公立加拿大28计划技能课程的学生与他们最喜欢的加拿大28计划学生共度时光的日子,反之亦然. 在统一的加拿大28计划/克里特岛适应体育课程之间的时间, 克里特岛高中特殊教育教师杰西·梅因克多次听到她的学生问同样的问题: “Is it a Doane PE day? When are we going to Doane again?” She is hopeful COVID restrictions will ease and allow the course to resume next fall. “It means so much to my students,” she said. The unified course got its start on the bleachers at a Doane basketball game. Cindy Meyer, Associate Professor of Physical Education and Health, sat next to Lisa Fye, Principal of Crete’s Intermediate School. 看台上的话题转向了梅耶在Doane担任了26年排球总教练后的角色转变. 梅耶现在有更多的时间投入到她的课程中,并希望为体育专业的学生创造新的机会来获得实践经验, particularly through partnerships with Crete Public Schools. The conversation sparked ideas and plans for the unified course. The Adapted PE class pairs Doane students - many who are studying physical education, exercise science, 或者治疗——CPS的学生有不同的残疾,这使得他们很难学习运动和健身活动的基本运动技能. “We call them ‘our Cardinal friends,’” Meyer said. “It’s an amazing experience. Not just the teaching, but the friendships and bonds that form. Both sides gain much.” 这是一些红雀队第一次学习投掷、运球、击球或锻炼的地方. 当加拿大28计划的学生了解残疾如何影响运动表现时,他们也意识到一些课程计划不能放之四海而皆准. 迈耶说,从技术上讲,克里特岛的学生正在学习运动和健身的基础知识. For the elementary and intermediate school students, each activity teaches the form behind basic skills like running, throwing and jumping, while also improving coordination. The middle and high-school students play sports activities as well. “无论是射击还是跑步,辛迪都非常注重教授正确的姿势. 所有的基础都教得很好,但对我的学生来说,这从来都不像是一堂课. It’s just fun,” Meinke said. Her students never know what activity they will find on campus, she said. 他们可能会投掷戒指,尝试低空平衡木,或者轮流使用棒球t恤和球棒. 他们可能会把降落伞拉成一个紧密的圆圈,并试图把玩具老虎和红衣主教扔到空中. “饥饿的河马”游戏——骑着滑板车去捡网球——是最受欢迎的. “我无法想象辛迪花了多少时间来设置所有的电台,并教她的学生们课后的准备工作,” Meinke said. “她对加拿大28计划的学生以及他们应该如何与克里特岛的学生互动抱有很高的期望,这一点也体现了出来.” That’s why, Meinke said, the Crete students feel welcomed, understood, cared for and supported by their Doane role models and friends. The activities adapt to the challenges the Crete student faces in a PE setting. 一个有认知或行为挑战的学生可能只需要一点额外的时间来学习形式和加强运动技能, 而使用助行器或iPad进行交流的学生可能需要根据他们的需要进行一对一或二对一的指导. If a group session is overwhelming one of their Cardinal friends, a Doane student may pull him or her off to the side for individual instruction. Meinke分享了一个小男孩对任何有组织的活动都不感兴趣的经历, but the Doane students realized he liked the scooters. So they pulled him on the scooter for a portion of the class, letting him enjoy the motion and practice his balance. Successes are individual and always celebrated. Meyer notices the growth and improvement in each student, even from year-to-year. 一名克里特岛学生在大一的时候不想参加活动,也不想与加拿大28计划的学生互动,但现在他尝试了很多课程. Another student liked playing with a ball but not sharing or playing a game with it. 到了第三年,他把它还给了一个学生,这是值得庆祝的事情. “That was huge!” Meinke said. “He learned to share and play with another person.” It’s one example of why Meinke doesn’t like to use the word ‘disability.’ “Everyone has an ability and we have high expectations for them. For some kids, throwing may take hundreds of repetitions, but they will get it.” 当迈耶得知克里特岛的一个学生通过她的课程获得了信心,现在帮助他们在其他环境中, it’s a highlight, she said, along with the relationships that form. “The kids get to work with college students and collegiate athletes, and those students become their role models and friends. My students get just as much or more back and admire the Crete students, too.” 如果没有CPS的支持,Doane的学生不会有这个重要的教学机会, Meyer said. “在大学里教授适应性体育时,如果不像我们这样给学生提供与个别孩子一起学习的机会,是不可能的. So I'm really grateful to the Crete school system.” Fye gives credit to Meyer, though. “This (course) is because of her vision. 她真的为这门课感到自豪,她的学生为进入现实世界做好了充分的准备.This partnership is special,” Fye said. 当菲伊观察统一课程时,她总是被它的活力和热情所打动. “The excitement between the kids, the Doane students and the adults when someone succeeds - it’s so rewarding.” The Unified course ends its year with bowling in Wilber. Meyer brings treats and it’s generally a great day for everyone. The Crete students return to their school “tired, happy and thirsty,” Meinke said. And almost as soon as it ends she knows the questions will start again like clockwork. “When are we going to Doane again…?”